Today In Apple History: iPod Turns 17 Years Old

Apple's greatest portable music player, iPod, has now turned 17 years old, it was introduced by the former CEO and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, who called the palm-sized device as a quantum leap forward in technology; which also got them away from the bankruptcy.

There is no doubt that Apple has revolutionized MP3 technology. Way before the iPod was introduced, the MP3 player was either very bulky, or as plain as a book, or lacking internal storage to save songs, but the iPod has completely overcome these obstacles. Jobs said that the coolest part of the iPod is to put the entire music library in your pocket.

Apple also launched other iPod devices such as the iPod Photo in 2004 with the first color display; tinner iPod mini; the smaller and more portable iPod nano, introduced in 2005; the super small iPod shuffle in 2005; the "fatty" third-generation iPod nano introduced in 2007; and the iPod touch, first released in 2007.

We all know that until now, Apple is only producing iPod touch, the last one from the iPod family, it will eventually be completely out of our lives without any notice. In fact, back in the day, like iPod's "golden age", its sales have been overwhelming the iPhones. It's unclear if Apple plans to release the iPod Touch 7 in the future, although it's unlikely.

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