Nov 19, 2018

Apple Details 5 Reasons That Why The New iPad Pro Could Be Your Next Computer

Apple has long promoted the iPad Pro as one of the best alternatives to computers, they have shared a video this afternoon through its official YouTube channel to further prove that point, which lists five reasons that the latest 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros that could be your next computer.

Apple says that it is more powerful than most computers; it's a scanner, camera, editing suites, notepads, theaters, music studios, books, and a computer; it equipped with LTE that access the internet anywhere, it's also easy to use (refers to the gesture operation); and it gets even better with the Apple Pencil.

Still, many people would argue that the iPad Pro has a long way to go before it can fully become a functional computer for most people, some folks even suggest them to put macOS into the tablet. The most wanted features that consumers are happy including a true file system, ability to store documents, a way to use the mouse, should bring Xcode to the platform, or just develop the so-called iPadOS system.

One thing is for sure that the new iPad Pro packed with desktop-class specs and a variety of new technology additions, it uses a 12.9-inch full-screen, Face D, built-in A12X chip, the industrial leading ARM processor, plus USB-C port, GPU controllers, plus super responsive Apple Pencil with wireless charging, and so on.

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