Apple Dropped iPhone XR Price By $100 In Japan Thanks To The Low Sales

Last week, a WSJ report says that Apple will lower the price of the iPhone XR in Japan, since the $750 handset sees a disappointing sales in the country due to carrier contracts. And now, customers in Japan can expect about $100 off over the life of their plan, as we expect other carriers to follow suit in the coming days.

Apple’s strategy to reduce the iPhone XR price in Japan is mainly relies on device subsidies to attract customers,. After all, iPhone XR sales are not as stable as iPhone 8 Plus. Perhaps because of its price, iPhone XR may mirror what happened with the iPhone 5c in 2013. Noted that iPhone dominates the smartphone market in Japan, that being said, hopefully the demand will pick up after the discount.

Due to lower-than-expected demand for XR in the country, Apple is believed to tell carriers to discount XR models more significantly. Japanese customers seem to have not switches to Android, but rather purchased iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. However, don't expect the price of the iPhone XR to drop everywhere. Apple will be considered if it necessary to increase sales by lower iPhone costs.

Lower-than-expected iPhone XS and XS Max sales also leads Apple to restart iPhone X production (which discounted in September) and sell it in certain markets. The problem is we don't know when will it available to consumers, and it's unclear how much they will price the smartphone at. (Via 9to5Mac)
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