Apple Expands Richer Notification Feature To iPhone XR With Haptic Touch

The iPhone XR doesn't have a pressure-sensitive screen, meaning it lacks 3D Touch, Apple introduced a way to replace 3D Touch to a certain extent, which is Haptic Touch, long press certain action to simulate 3D Touch, such as long press the space bar on the keyboard for the touchpad mode, and long press the flashlight on the lock screen for flash.

However, the Haptic Touch is still very limited, for instance, the Notification Center's Peek and Pop can not able to view richer notification content. Because of that, in the latest iOS 12.1.1 Beta 2, the Haptic Touch seems to have expanded. on iPhone XR, you now just need to long press the notification banner to see more content, which previously requires the user to swipe left and then click View.

The difference between Haptic Touch and the 3D Touch is response time, 3D Touch gestures can be done immediately, while the Haptic Touch requires a long press, which results in a long delay. Nevertheless, the long-press to view Notification feature also not available on iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and the iPod Touch 6.

We should expect iOS 12.1.1 to be released likely end of the month or early of next month

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