Nov 26, 2018

Apple Or Name Its Next-Gen Processor As ”A13 Lightning“

Longhorn (@never _released), a security researcher, said on Twitter that Apple has begun research on the A13, upgraded version of the A12 processor. The code name will be "Lightning" and the internal chip name is "T8030". Although the accuracy of this news is still unclear, we do know that the upcoming A13 Lightning chip will be designed for the 2019 iPhone models.

Previously, the Supply chain believes that TSMC will continue to OEM the A13 processor exclusively. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who has repeatedly leaked Apple's new products, also revealed that the A13 and A14 chips will be manufactured by the chipmaker, which will be used on 2019 and 2020 iPhones.

Better, the A13 processor may even have a customized version, which perhaps just developed for Apple's MacBook. With A12X massive performance, Apple has proved to the outside world that they have The ability to make ARM high-performance processors for laptops, and already capable of using the 7nm process, while Intel continue produce chips in 10nm process.

How to improve the A13 processor is also a worry for Apple. It is necessary to know that the second-generation 7nm process mainly uses the EUV process, which is helpful for improving the difficulty of chip manufacturing. However, in terms of performance, the EUV process doesn't bring any improvement, so I would expect Apple to change the architecture: make it more power efficiency and speedy.

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