Nov 20, 2018

Apple Watch Is Forcing Swiss Watch Industry To Develop And Embrace Smartwatches

The Swiss watch industry is world-renowned, and watches from Swiss luxury watch manufacturers are known for their mechanical precision and expensive pricing, but the emergence of the Apple Watch has created another history - Apple has become the world's largest watchmaker, which it has achieved eye-catching market results, the traditional watch industry, on the other hand, suffered from it.

Although the high-end luxury watches and Apple Watch are not comparable each other, some of the popular low-end entry brands are greatly affected, such as Swatch, Fossil Group, and other brands. Their product prices are on the same gradient as the new Apple Watch Series 4: they are experiencing tremendous competitive pressure from Apple.

The success of Apple Watch has led to a rethinking in the traditional watch industry. In response to the challenge from Apple's, Swiss watch manufacturers are now increasingly accepting to adding various smart technologies to their traditional mechanical watches. From the current point of view, some watch makers did get well-received results, yet, others still facing criticization from its long-term consumers.

TAG Heuer's smartwatch series Connected Modular 41 & 45 has achieved great success, the two wearables have GPS and NFC connections, compatible with Android 4.4 and The iOS 9, it looks and wears like a real watch, but has all the information you need. Connected Modular 45 has been sought after it went on sale by watch lovers around the world, make TAG Heuer become profit again.

Not only TAG Heuer, other traditional watchmakers also released their smartwatches. Hublot's Big Bang Referee, for example, is its first smartwatch with Wear OS, waterproof, NFC, and GPS. The Helvetica Regular Watch from Mondaine is capable of counting how many steps, and able to check your emails.

Image Via Hodinkee

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