Apple's New Patent Suggests New Products With Sleep Tracking Feature Is On The Way

In recent years, Apple has been committed to adding health-related features to its products, but most monitoring functions can only be used when users are active, Apple provides little to no monitoring when the user is asleep. However, it appears that Apple has found a great solution. (Via AppleInsider)

Apple acquired the sleep tracking platform Beddit in May 2017. Beddit provides detailed information about sleep quality, such as heart rate, breathing, etc., by allowing users to place a small tracker under their sheets and then using the accompanying iOS and Apple Watch apps.

The company's latest patent application, called "multi-element piezo sensor for in-bed physiological measurements" intends to further track the movements of the user during the sleep cycle, the core of which is to determine the point of contact between the person and the bed by using a piezoelectric film on the surface of the bed.

The new patent proposes two solutions, one is to use a long piece of film similar to the Beddit sensor on the bed, which corresponds to the user's chest position. The second uses even more sensors to cover the entire surface of the bed. This solution can monitor can gather more user information, such as the user's sleeping position, yet, it's unclear if Apple really intends to use a piezo film in a particular product.

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