Nov 20, 2018

Apple's Stock Price Dropped By 20% Since Last Month, Now In A Bear Market

Following reports of Apple cuts iPhone XR and XS orders, the company stock price has been going down hill sharply, in fact, its share price has fallen more than 20% from its October 3 High, in which means that it has entered a bear market, since it fell by 3.96 during yesterday's trading.

In less than two month, AAPL price went from $232 per share to just $177 a share as of now, it total, it has dropped $46 in stock value, its market cap, however, also got a hit, which is currently sit at the $880 billion value, once was over $1 trillion, the worst month since the Financial Crisis.

Yet, other tech companies are now in a bear market as well. For example, Alphabet’s stock closed Monday at $1,020 a share, a 20% decline from its record high of $1,273.84 a share in late July. While Amazon has lost 26.3% of its value since early September, and Facebook’s stock has dropped 38.8% since late July.

Though November has been a rough month for Apple and its stock investors, the company is still forecasting revenue growth in a declining market. Seeking Alpha points out that Apple is making good progress in diversifying its business from its overreliance on the iPhone, so they think it's best to time to invest in AAPL.

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