Google Trends Shows That Users Are Losing Interest on iPhone, But We Disagree

According to the latest data released by Google Trends, the peak of global users searching for "iPhone" the keyword through Google appeared in September 2012, before and following the release of iPhone 5. Based on this data, they pointed out that users' interest in the iPhone has dropped. But does it really means that consumers are less purchasing iPhones? Well, here are our thoughts on that matter.

Google Trends reports that this year's Google search peak on the "iPhone" keywords is only half of that 2012 peak, this year's iPhone search peak appeared during the Apple September event. Google Trends’ data is just a reference for analyzing users’ interest in the iPhone. It doesn't take into account other ways that users to gather information about new products, such as social media and uses other search engines, considering its privacy issues.

Also, It does not tell the user why someone is searching for a product, and other buyers would rather search for "iPhone XS" or "iPhone XR" instead of directly "iPhone." Perhaps most importantly, Google Trends does not match the number of users who brought iPhones. Apple has sold 125 million iPhones in 2012, and this year, even though users are “not so interested” with the iPhone, Apple has sold nearly 217 million iPhones.
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