iFixit's MacBook Air Teardown Reveals The Battery Can Be Easily Replaced, So As Other Components

After a long wait, Apple finally updated the MacBook Air, what secrets are hidden in this laptop? iFixit has completed the detailed teardown of MacBook Air. The New MacBook Air has new mold models of A1932 and 3184. Many of the components in the new MacBook Air are modular in design and easy to replace.

The teardown of the MacBook Air is very simple. Unscrew the back screw and you can see the inside of the chassis. Secure the motherboards are only 6 screws and some connectors. Even though the MacBook Air's motherboard is tiny, there are many chips on it: Intel's i5 processor, Apple's security T2 chip, 128GB flash drive, and Thunderbolt 3 controller.

However, the keyboard is integrated into the case. If it is broken, it needs to be replaced as a whole, and the memory can't be upgraded by itself. The battery, on the other hand, did not use the adhesives, rather just some adhesive tabs, easy to replace! The speaker is not glued to the back case, so once the tabs pulled out, you can replace the speaker straightforward.

MacBook Air's Retina display is quite similar to MacBook Pro, but does not support wide color gamut, while the maximum brightness is only 300 nits, whereas Pro is 500 nits. In general, iFixt give the repair score of 3 out of 10, meaning to repair this machine is not really fun experience after all.

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