iOS 12 Captures 75% Of Adoption Rate, While Android 9 Can't Even Get Up To 0.1%

The iOS 12 installation rate has steadily increased and has surpassed its predecessor iOS 11 for several weeks. According to Mixpanel, on December 17 of last year, the iOS 11 installation rate was 75%, but, iOS 12 has already installed 75% of devices as of yesterday, which is 3 weeks faster than iOS 11.

Currently, the iOS 12 adoption rate is at 75.05%, whereas the iOS 11 is at 19.5%, and the older iOS versions shares rest of the 5.5%. Apple announced on October 10 that iOS 12 adoption rate exceeded 50% and reached 60% on October 29, and rather sooner than later, the company will tout out that its iOS 12 adoption is 70%.

Thanks to the significant speed improvements made on older devices like iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, iOS 12 is able to surpass iOS 11 in terms of adoption rate. Besides, it also brings popular features like the Group Facetime, Digital Health tool called Screen Time, animated emoji called Memoji, Siri Shortcuts for creating custom voice commands, etc. Apple is currently testing iOS 12.1.1.

Meanwhile, Google newest Android update, Android 9 (Pie), didn't even made into the Android adoption list, in which means that the share is under 0.1%, while last year's Android Oreo captured 21.5% share. Apple's iOS 12 has totally destroyed Android Pie when it compared to the adoption rate.

Image Via Cult of Mac
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