Nov 25, 2018

Here Is How Should iOS 13 Transform The iPad Pro Into A True Laptop Replacement

Apple wants to you think that iPad Pro can replace PC. However, although they updated the iPad Pro with powerful hardware, limited by the software, it is still a tablet. Yes, there are still many factors that prevent iPad Pro from completely replacing Mac or other PCs. So we listed several features that could potentially be introduced on iOS 13 and modifies the iPad as a laptop replacement:

1. For many pro users, add some Mac-like features to the iPad Pro will definitely be welcomed, especially when dealing with external devices, they don't need to turn the iPad Pro into a Mac, just have the abilities such as when the iPad Pro is connected to an external monitor, to use a mouse/trackpad, so the cursor can appear on the screen, for easier navigation.

2. One of the biggest obstacles for iPad Pro to replace PC is the fact that you can't read or edit a document on iPad Pro right after plugging in an external storage device. Apple needs to kill the restrictions and allow the File app to read and open a wide variety of files in external storage. Until then, the iPad Pro could not completely replace your computer whatsoever.

3. You might think that the iOS professional app era is coming soon after Adobe announces that it will launch the full Photoshop app on the iPad. Well, Apple has to provide users with more professional applications; despite the iPad Pro has a Pro title, if they did release the iPad Pro version of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, then they can truly market it as a PC alternative.

4. Obviously, tablets are more likely to be shared between family or colleagues than phones. The current iOS version includes a single-user account. If Apple can introduce multi-user support for iPad Pro in iOS 13, different accounts can install different apps and setup unique home screen layouts, which will provide a more convenient sharing experience for users.

5. Many users now browse the web on their smartphones, and many websites have their mobile versions, but browsing the web on iPad Pro is kinda waste for such a large screen: it should at least to display the desktop version of most web pages. In addition, Apple should also add more native support to browser-based tools, like View Page Sources and desktop-like Scrolling feature.

Image Via iPhonehacks

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