Nov 12, 2018

iPhone SE 2: The Forgotten Small Screen Handset That Many Users Still Holds Hope In

Time has come to the last two months of 2018, all of Apple's new products that should be released this year are probably begins to ship to users. Like last year, there's also three new iPhone models this year, all of which use a controversial "Notch" screen. However,, their long-awaited iPhone SE 2 is nowhere to be found, considering it's been rumored for nearly one year.

The small-screen iPhone was initially thought to be announced at the media event in the spring of 2018, and then it was passed to WWDC 2018, which was in June. The remaining hope were all down to the September Event. In fact, since the beginning of 2018, few sources pointed out that Apple's 4-inch new iPhone SE 2 project has been abandoned.

There are plenty of signs in this year that the new iPhone SE 2 may be available to users, not only the sources of the supply chain told us so, but also a couple of CAD renderings, and cases from accessories manufacturers. Among those, the most appealing one should be the iPhone SE 2 rendering from Olixar, who makes cases for iPhone devices, it appears look like the hybrid of iPhone 5s + iPhone X.

Despite all these rumors and leaks about the iPhone SE 2, the hope of a new iPhone SE has completely vanished. But why? First, Apple is "very busy" this year, and the internal development resources are expensive. The other is to sell the three new-generation iPhone models with more expensive prices and larger screen sizes, which could cause unnecessary confusion.

Will the iPhone SE 2 never debut again?. Well no, there are analysts' predictions, supply chain leaks, as well as resources from accessory vendors, etc., indicating that iPhone SE 2 may have been in Apple's plan. Therefore, we could said iPhone SE 2 was not entirely dead, but it may have been postponed until 2019. Even Apple will launch it, the screen might be bigger than the current one.

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