Microsoft Was Briefly Surpassed Apple As The World's Most Valuable Company

During today's stock trading, software giant Microsoft was surpassed Apple to become the world's most valuable publicly traded company as a result of Apple's continually declining share price aims reports of lower-than-expected iPhone sales. However, as of now, Apple has returned that title with its market cap of approximately $828 billion, while Microsoft is now slightly less.

The last time that Microsoft matches Apple's stock value was in the mid-2010's, it's understood that the company's advance in cloud business and well-received PC sales all pushed them to grow in value ever since the September quarter, however, analysts expected that they will reach the $1 trillion market cap milestone in 2020, if not in the next year.

For now, Microsoft and Apple are competing for the most valuable company title, Amazon is on the track to race to hit $800 billion valuation crown. Yet, Google did see little increase in stock price, as it now placed at #4 spot when it comes to the most valuable brand in the world, from what it seems like, Apple is likely to be on the top of rank when the market closes today.

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Image Via News5Cleveland
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