Next Month Is Last Chance To Replace Your iPhone Battery For $29 Before The Price Go Up

If you don't plan to upgrade to the iPhone XS or the iPhone XR, but continue to use your older models, you should consider changing the battery, since the price for a battery replacement will rise from $29 to $79 start from January 1, 2019, that means you can still replace the battery for $29 next month, devices including the iPhone 6 and later are qualified for the limited time offer.

Thus, if you have an iPhone 6 or later and feel you need a battery replacement right away, you can try to go to your local Apple Store today. We’d recommend making a Genius Bar appointment as well as calling ahead to check on the supply of the battery for your specific device, though. Go to the Settings app - Battery - Battery Health to see if the battery is in peak performance power.

Apple says they will throttle performance when the battery become degraded and says they are aiming to smooth out the high power draw peaks that can result in shutdowns and prevent the older devices to "deliver the best experience." Apple is also going to introduce the so-called Power Mangement feature to devices such as the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR eventually.

Image Via Business Insider
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