Nov 21, 2018

Thanks To Shortcuts, You Can Now Use Siri To Activate Google Assistant Voice Commands

Google has rolled out its latest update to the Assistant app for iOS, and for the first time, it includes a Siri Shortcuts feature. Google Assistant users will able to see an "Add to Siri" button following the update that lets them record a phrase of their choosing to be used like "Hey Google" or "OK Google".

As we have tested that after the Assistant Shortcuts added to Siri, you can invoke Google's AI assistant using Apple's virtual assistant, without even having to launch the app, as long as the device is unlocked, or else you will need to unlock it to process the request. The Verge notes that you can trigger Voice commands you use the most, like "Hey Google, Search Loveios", Siri will invoke the app and do that for you.
You can also set up Siri shortcuts for phrases you frequently use with Assistant. So you can come up with a custom voice command for a single smart home action — or even trigger your Google Assistant smart home routines inside of Siri. Saying something like “Goodnight Google” to Siri could open Assistant and run a routine like turning off all your lights and locking the door. Pretty neat.
Surely it will open a lot of possibilities for users, but it's not exactly the most seamless approach in the world, as users perhaps prefer Assistant to be their voice assistant. Now to add the custom Assistant shortcuts, go to the Shortcuts app, scroll down until you see the "Create Shortcut", tap on it, and then click on the Search bar, scroll down, and choose the Assistant icon, and you should able to add most frequently used voice commands.

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