This Concept iPhone XR 2 Imagines What The Device Will Look Like With No Button, No Ports, And The Notch

Lately, designer Hasan Kaymak created an iPhone XR 2 concept phone without any buttons and ports and the Notch. Compared to Apple's iPhone XR, which was just released, the biggest change to the iPhone XR 2 was that it didn't provide any physical buttons and ports, means that all wired connections were abandoned, according to the Concept Phones website.

It featured with a single camera like the current iPhone XR and implements iPhone XS-like camera technology with AI algorithms. The phone not only has a more energy-efficient lithium-ion battery that can last for several days but also adds a "magnetic battery" that can generate electricity by itself. Better, Touch ID was being introduced back, with this time is under the display.

Design wise, the edge-to-edge, true full screen, and buttonless iPhone is the straight version of Oppo Find X, which I personally think it’s the most beautiful smartphone ever made, its body is different than any other “ top-notch” flagship experience, so the so-called iPhone XR 2 Concept Phone will definitely get my fully attention. However, the things that’s unique from the Find X are the back panel and the operating system.

Well, we would not expect Apple to release the smartphone until 2020, as rumors already suggests that the company will continue embrace the notch design, and for a such title; iPhone XR 2, I think iPhone XF will be more sustainable, which the “F” stands for full-screen. Anyway, considering the overall design and specifications, Apple will very likely priced the smartphone above $1200 for starting price.

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