WSJ: Apple Cuts iPhone XS And XS Max Orders Due To The Low Demand

Not long ago, a number of Apple suppliers have lowered their sales expectations, which means that the sale performance of the new iPhone does not seem to be as expected. Today, news from the Wall Street Journal said that Apple continues to cut orders, with time time including the iPhone XS and XS Max, a claim made by the people who familiar with the matter.

Due to the slower growth of the overall global smartphone market and the low demand in the Chinese market, Apple seems unable to predict the how much they will sold with these three new iPhones, it is said that report of iPhone orders being cutted also frustrating several of its suppliers. however, they also make products competitors, so it doesn't necessarily means it's Apple's fault.

At the moment, it is unclear how the iPhone sales are lower than expected for Apple. Though the sales of the new iPhone are lower than expected, the old iPhones like the X, 8 Plus, and even the 7 remains very popular, plus that Apple's Service business is also very successful.

Earlier this month, reports that claimed the iPhone XR orders were cut by a third, while iPhone XS and XS Max orders were cut in small amounts, which led to a 5% drop in Apple stock AAPL, but also lost the Trillion-dollar market cap crown and $100B in stock value.

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