Dec 13, 2018

2019 iPhones To Be Thinner And Lighter Thanks To Samsung's New Screen Tech

A new supply chain report says that Apple will use a new screen technology, so at least one of the iPhones launched in 2019 will be lighter and thinner, since Apple’s flagship iPhones launched this year are actually the opposite of this trend. However, the new screen tech will be only used on high-end models, as production volume increases, Apple may apply it on all iPhones. (Via ET News)

The report states Apple has decided to use a touch-integrated flexible OLED panel that is different from the current display structure. The latest iPhone screen uses a separate layer, where the new panel makes the device even thinner, as it can also save costs through this screen technology, and make the screen display more beautiful, improve touch sensitivity, and even solve the problem of false touch.

ET News believes the technology is called Y-OCTA that will be provided by Samsung, the South Korea based tech company first proposed this idea to Apple in March of this year, in order to continue to receive Apple's OLED panel orders, though Apple intends to make LG their second supplier.

Regarding to next year's iPhone lineup, rumors and analysts suggest that the form factor won't change, but expected with new AR features, possibly triple-lens rear camera, USB-C port, and improved Face ID.

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