Leaked Image Shows Apple C94 Lightning Connector For Third-Party USB-C To Lightning Cable

Not long ago, it was revealed that Apple plans to ship the Connector necessary for the iPhone's USB-C to Lightning cable in the coming future. This means that third-party accessory manufacturers can produce such products early next year, which indicates the arrival of the third-party USB-C to Lightning cable is near.

Recently, ChargerLAB got the physical map of the Apple C94 Lightning Connector from the supply chain, which was inside of a third-party MFi certified USB-C to Lightning cable. The front and back close-ups are clearly visible from the picture. The front has only one master and has built-in materials such as PMU and MOS, so the integration is quite high, The rear, however, is much simpler, with only a little resistance.

Since iOS 12, the possibility of third-party manufacturers cracking Apple's USB-C to Lightning cable has become rarer. Although there are third-party production lines that use cracked chips, some do not charge as fast as the original cable, or they fail to work after the iOS updates so they cannot be used for charging.

It is foreseeable that when Apple's USB-C to Lightning Connector is shipped, more and more third-party manufacturers will follow up, and consumers can choose plentiful fast charge cables. After all, the price of the official one is not cheap.
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