Apple Inked Deals To Produce DHX Media's Peanuts Content And A New Series Starring Jennifer Garner

According to Variety, Apple has inked a deal with DHX Media to produce all-new "Peanuts" content that will be exclusive to the company. While Apple has also ordered a straight-to-series show starring Jennifer Garner and executive produced by J.J. Abrams. The aggressive expansion of its movie collection comes as Apple reportedly would debut its video streaming service as soon as next year.

For Peanuts, it says it includes a short film, featuring astronaut Snoopy with the theme of STEM education, which Apple has long supported. However, It's unclear who else will be starring in it, since the report makes no mention of Apple gaining the rights to existing Peanuts content. The creator Charles M. Schulz developed the franchise dates back to 1950.

Starring Jennifer Garner, titled "My Glory Was I Had Such Friends", the new drama series is based on Amy Silverstein's memoirs of the same name published in 2017, which tells the story of how a group of women gave her tremendous support while waiting for a second heart transplant. Both Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television will be the producers of the series.

The two new original contents Apple's well over a dozen original TV series and movies lineup, and just this past few weeks, Apple ordered a show from M. Night Shyamalan, a violent drama starring Richard Gere, and so much more.
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