Apple Files Patent For Both Touch ID And Face ID On The Same iPhone, & Face ID On Apple Watch

Face ID is now living well on iPhones, despite the fact is relatively slow compared to Touch ID, that's why so many users miss the feature, while there haven't any rumors regarding to Touch ID that would essentially be re-added to Apple devices, an Apple patent suggest that the company could embed both forms of biometric authentication tech on a future iPhone. (Via Patently Apple)

The patent suggest that if a device's Face ID failed to unlock it, it will offering Touch ID as a fallback. The dual biometric options actually do exists on the market, Huawei's Mate 20 RS, for example, offer consumers chance to unlock their smartphone via in-screen fingerprint and 3D Face Unlock features.

Apple describes in the application that such tech could also implement into smartwatches, meaning it might be comes to the Apple Watch in the future, just imagine how cool that will be, but for now, the only method to unlock your Apple Watch is through Passcode, though it will be a challenge for them.

Still, don't get too exciting yet, we don't really even know if Apple could turn this into reality or not, guess we have to wait and see.
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