'Bad Lip Reading' Spoof Apple Event With Humorous Fictional Products

Bad Lip Reading (BLR for short) has uploaded its first comical video that directly linked to Apple. This parody is targeted at Apple CEO Tim Tim Cook and Software Chief Craig Federighi, which took place at an Apple event. In the mouth-to-mouth way, Apple has launched a new device like Apple Skin Twist and so on.

The video titled "Apple Product Launch" uses a real Apple event video script, however, the audio and images have been modified to showcase Apple's launch of some rather humorous products, such as the plant guitar "Lickamaforbus", Apple Skin Twist, Apple Wish Prince, Apple Socks, Apple Hole, etc.

Bad Lip Reading is a YouTube Channel that went popular thanks to its videos like The Hunger Games, the NFL, and now a live Apple event. The channel is run by a man who humorously lip-reads onto real clips of politics, tv shows, films, and more, though the guy behind it declined to reveal his background.

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