Microsoft Pokes Fun At Apple In A New Ad That iPad Pro Is Not A Real Computer

Microsoft today shared a new Surface Go holiday ad, it ridicules the Apple iPad is just a toy, not a real computer. This advertisement tells a 10-year-old girl and her grandmother to buy a tablet. The little girl said that she only play iPad when she is 6 years old, now she is 10 years old and needs a real computer because of her dream, so the Surface Go was her choice.

The iPad running iOS that is designed for smartphones, so there are a plenty of limitations, such as not having a proper file system, doesn't support Mouse, lack professional apps, etc. The Surface Go, on the hand, is powered by the Windows 10 operating system and can run many standard Windows softwares. It can also be touch operated and supports a mouse and a stylus.

Microsoft Surface Go is currently priced at $399, it includes the integrated kickstand and a front-facing camera above the 1800 x 1200 resolution IPS touchscreen display, it's pretty much a touch-screen true laptop. Apple also offers a cheaper iPad model for $329, but its most iPads are cost way higher than that.

The ad comes after Apple launches a series of videos touted out that iPad Pro can replace your laptop, shows what it capable of doing.
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