In Answer To The "Bendgate", Apple Details The 2018 iPad Pro Manufacturing Process

Last month, consumers complained on the social media that there was a slight bend in the use of 2018 iPad Pro. Apple has confirmed the problem with the technology media The Verge and said that the cause of the bending is the cooling process involving metal and plastic parts in the production and it is not a defect.

Apple just released a new support document that explored the way the iPad Pro was made. It pointed out in the doc that because the iPad Pro uses a new straight edges design, slight bending may be more visible to the naked eye, and reiterates that the 2018 iPad Pro's flatness tolerances are as high as 400 microns, and that any product outside this range should be eligible for a one-year warranty/replacement.

Furthermore, Apple for the first time adopted a new manufacturing method called “co-molding” on the 2018 iPad Pro. Specifically, on the cellular version of the iPad Pro, the plastic antenna bands on both sides of the iPad are bonded to the metal by injecting plastic into the enclosure, thereby to deliver a seamless combination of plastic and aluminum to form a single, strong enclosure.

In normal use, the 400-micron flatness change should be undetectable. However, Apple said that anyone who thinks their iPad Pro has a tolerances level of more than 400 microns can contact Apple Support. The company confirms that its warranty coverage "will cover damage if it has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship."
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