Alleged 2019 iPhone Render Shows Off The Triple-Lens Setup

While 2019 barely get started, news about this year’s iPhone models have already surfaced on the web, and you may think that it’s too early to know the basic design, however, Onleaks, who partnered with has made the render of the 2019 iPhone prototypes that based on EVT (engineering validation test) hardware.

The render, though only offered the rear panel design of the device, it did show that Apple to include the triple-lens setup on the iPhone. The arrangement is rather wired, it’s sort of like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro camera setup. Personally, I would rather prefer the Mate 20 Pro’s design.

The design is terrible that I will take hugs grant of salt on it, plus the flash is not aligned with the lens, it's just not satisfying to look at, perhaps it may also impact how the light goes through all three lenses together—might not be balanced. And if Apple to make the device thinner, a larger camera bump is unavoidable, which or led into a wide range discussion.

Triple-lens will definitely take better photos, and allowing it to collect more light and color information. Moreover, It’s been long-rumored that triple-lens could advancing augmented reality uses. Adopting the triple-lens setup is nothing new in the smartphone field, companies like Huawei and Samsung already shipped their devices with a triple-lens camera.
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