Apple Tells Its Channel Partners In China To Lower iPhone XR Prices

According to Yahoo Finance, Apple has told its Chinese channel partners to cut the price of iPhone XR, XS and XS Max yesterday. This comes after the news of poor iPhone sales from analysts and media outlets, in which Apple will boost sales through a series of measures, such as adjusting the price through carriers or third-party resellers, and restarting the production of discontinued iPhone X.

The iPhone XR is the one that got the biggest price cut, which is said to receive a discount of 600 yuan ($88), and that has reduced the iPhone XR price to 5380 yuan ($773). In general, the price of most iPhones has dropped by around 400 yuan. It is uncommon for the Apple to cut iPhone prices soon after it is released. The most recent one happened after the release of the iPhone in early 2007.
Apple cut the price of the iPhone XR for channel partners in China on Tuesday by about $100, Yahoo Finance has learned.

A tier 1 Apple partner, which buys directly from Apple and sells to distributors and end-retailers, dropped the iPhone XR’s price from 5980 yuan ($881) on Monday to 5380 yuan ($793) with a 150 yuan ($22) coupon. Yahoo Finance confirmed that the partner received a notice from Apple on Tuesday to cut prices to boost sales. Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment.
It's unclear if the company plan to do in other countries as well, though I don't think so, as Tim Cook believes that China is the main concern that it lowered the Q1 19 revenue guidance, while didn't mentioning any other markets, therefore, Apple will only focus the market that it didn't performed well as it expected, and fix it right way.
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