Apple Expands iPod Touch Trademark To Game Consoles

The US Patent and Trademark Office approved an application for the term of Apple's "iPod Touch" trademark earlier this month, which extended the protection to "Hand-held units for playing electronic games; Handheld game consoles" under International Class 28 (games, toys, and sporting goods).

Since 2008, Apple's iPod Touch trademark protection has been under the international Class 9 (audiovisual and information technology equipment) with the following description So when Apple submitted the application, it also included a screenshot of the page, highlighting the "Gaming" text and using the red arrow to indicate the product name and "Buy" button.

Since the release of the iPod Touch, it has been viewed as a game device by many users, it's no wonder why Apple now thinks about expanding its trademark range. Perhaps it is just simple self-protection doing. However, a recent rumor suggests that Apple is considering to launch the 7th generation of iPod touch, but it is unclear whether today's news is related to this.

Apple's new application will be published on February 19th and will be consulted. If there is no third party objection, the new trademark will be approved later this year.

Image Via Lifewire
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