Apple Patents Detail Ways Of Interacting Your Devices Though Gesture Control

Recently, Apple's two new patents have been revealed. The patent describes a complex system that allows users to control their Apple devices through wrist movements without touching the screen. In addition, the user can take pictures by pointing the iPhone's camera at something.

One of the two patents is entitled "Apparatus and method for automatically activating a camera application based on detecting an intent to capture a photograph or a video". The patent specifies if the device's accelerometer "determines that it has remained in a stationary portrait or landscape position for a period of time," the camera software will automatically launch. However, if there is something near to the camera, then the software won't start.

Another patent is named "Interacting with an electronic device through physical movement" proposes displaying a simple screen puzzle on the Apple Watch that controls the puzzle through the movement of the wrist to perform certain functions, such as making a call. When the call is received, the watch screen will showcase a series of interconnected tubes and a virtual ball. The user tilts and rotates their wrists to move the ball to several possible target positions, representing a call is being answered or hang-up call.

This is only a patent, it does not mean that it will be actualized, but currently, Apple Watch has supported the way of waking up the screen by lifting your wrist, the realization of these somatosensory actions may truly become a reality.
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