Bloomberg: iPhone XS Max 2 To Feature Triple-Lens Camera, iOS 13 To Have Dark Mode, & More

According to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to bring the triple-lens camera to the next-generation of iPhone XS Max, whereas the next-generation of iPhone XS and iPhone XR will be available in the dual-lens configuration. Max's third lens to offer a wider field of view, a wider zoom range, and able to capture more pixels.

The report says that some versions of the 2019 iPhone are being tested using the USB-C port, which may suggest that Apple plans to switch from the Lightning port to USB-C at some point. Apple also plans to upgrade the Face ID sensors, but expert the new iPhones will look similar to this year's models.

Furthermore, Bloomberg claims that iOS 13 will finally introduce the Dark Mode to enhance the visual experience of night use. Apple will also revamp the CarPlay in-vehicle system. Updates for the iPad is also said to in the work: Apple will introduce a new home screen layout for the iPad, the ability to tap through multiple pages of a single app, and improved file management system.

Apple is planning to expand the cross-platform apps initiative as well, making it suitable for developers to build apps that are compatible with both iOS and macOS systems. iOS 13 may also include the rumored Apple original content and Apple Magazine subscription service.
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