CES 2019: Apple Met W/ AR Waveguides Technology Suppliers

In January of this year, Apple engineers and key personnel attended the CES 2019 tech trade show and looked at the parts and technologies that are indispensable for augmented reality (AR) glasses. At least six Apple representatives have visited the so-called Waveguides technology suppliers such as DigiLens, Lumus, Vuzix and WaveOptics, according to AppleInsider:

More than half a dozen incognito Apple representatives, including employees of known subsidiaries, visited AR waveguide suppliers at CES 2019, according to a person with knowledge of the meetings. Exhibitors at the expo included DigiLens, Lumus, Vuzix and WaveOptics, among others.
Waveguides are used to orient the structure that directs electromagnetic waves. the technology is widely used in AR glasses as a method of directing graphical information from an output source to one or more display planes located in front of the user's eyes. American startup company, Magic Leap, for instance, used the technology to launch a hybrid reality headset last year.

Apple's interest in AR has shown in many ways, multiple rumors have suggested that there are hundreds of employees working on the technology, however, CEO Tim Cook made a comment back in 2017 that the technology haven't reach to the state of being able to deliver the best experience. Still, a report in 2018 broke the news that Apple could release its AR glasses as soon as 2020.

Image Via Inverse
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