Jan 11, 2019

WSJ: Triple-Lens On High-End "iPhone 11" And Dual-Lens On iPhone XR Successor

Apple will release three new iPhones in 2019, including two models with OLEDs and one LCD model, reports the Wall Street Journal. The high-end version of the iPhone 11, or the iPhone 11 Max will use the rear triple-lens camera system. The next generation of iPhone XR will continue to use LCD screens, but the camera system will be upgraded to dual-lens.

The report claims that Apple could replace the 3D Touch on the all three models, which it did on the iPhone XR already. iPhone XS successor, however, looks like will feature the dual-lens setup as well, but with much better OLED display. A dual-lens for the low-cost iPhone XR would increase the price well above the $750 range, unless Apple decided to use a new pricing strategy.

Last weekend, there were already alleged renders for the new iPhone 11 surfaced on the web, and the renders were based on the iPhone 11 prototype, and the design is rather quite hideous. The Wall Street Journal said that the new camera system will be one of the main selling point of the upcoming iPhone. Even though it is now called the iPhone 11, the final naming is not yet certain.

Last but not least, the report mentioned that Apple may completely abandon the LCD display in 2020 and upgrade the entire iPhone product lineup to the OLED screen, meaning this year will be the last year that Apple used the LCD on its smartphones.

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