Apple to launch iPhone XS And XS Max China Red Edition Soon

According to Weibo user Laobanlianbo, insider from Apple supply chain said that because the iPhone sales in China is not optimistic currently, Apple will introduce the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in a new color - China Red for the Chinese market, in order to boost sales. It is expected to be available for purchase by the end of February, and the price will remain the same.
February 14th, according to Apple's internal factory broke the news, because the current iPhone sales in China is not optimistic, Apple will primary launch the iPhone XS and iPhone Max in a new color for the Chinese market - China Red, to boost sales. It is expected to be directly put on the shelves at the end of February, and the price will still start at 10,000 yuan.

As for why Apple choose to launch the Red iPhone XS/XS Max at end of this month, I myself believe that the new color scheme is not a huge update for the product. Plus we have heard Apple's next media event will take place on March 25th, which will bring some heavyweight products, therefore, it will be too overwhelming to announce the launch of China Red iPhone XS and XS Max at the event, instead, Apple could just introduce it via a press release later of this month.

Apple said in its holiday quarter earnings call that the poor sale of iPhone in China was the main reason for the company's quarterly revenues to fall short of expectations, so Apple certainly needs to launch an iPhone made specifically for the Chinese market to boost iPhone sales or lower iPhone prices, and that's where the iPhone XS China Red Edition could come in handy.

Image Via Slickwraps
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