Apple's Jeff Williams: We're Aware Of Our Product Pricing

Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams attended an event organized by Elon University last Friday. In the meeting, he answered questions from some students and briefly introduced the history of working at Apple and how he went he through some of the hardships, reports The Times News.

Some asked that if Apple had plans to lower the price of the products, because analysts' reports show that Apple's profit margin is seemingly large. Williams directly refuted these analysis reports, and he did not think they took the actual R&D costs into account: "the stories that come out about the cost of our products [have been] the bane of my existence from the beginning of time, including our early days”.

He used the Apple Watch for example. In order to develop the motion tracking feature, Apple created a physiology laboratory with 40 nurses and 1,000 participants. However, the COO did say that the cost is something they’re working to address, and claiming that they do not want to be an elitist company but rather to be an egalitarian company.

For more info about Jeff Williams' career history, please visit here

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