Apple Explore Ways To Prevent Foldable Smartphone Screen From Damaging Under A Low Temperature

We had keep hearing rumors about Apple is making a foldable iPhone that could be launched in 2020 or 2021, and we have many patent associated with foldable devices, so some may wonder if Apple will follow up Samsung and Huawei's step to make such product. Now, yet another foldable patent filed by the company suggest that they are admittedly working on it and to make it better.

This patent is entitled "Electronic Devices with Flexible Displays", describes how Apple may prevent the display from damage when it's in winter. It reads that foldable smartphone displays are susceptible to damage at low temperature, however, Apple noted various heating methods that are described to alleviate this issue.

For example, Apple said that it can be heated by lighting the pixels in the folding area of the screen, or a "heating element or other heating structure" can be used, but Apple does not specify. This patent also mentions that a foldable device can also employ a magnetic latch system to prevent the device from folding or opening under pretty low-temperature conditions to avoid damage to the screen.

Perhaps Apple is secretly developing another form of foldable smartphone that differs from Samsung and Huawei's, only to wait until the timing or market is more mature. It Korea that Apple was working with LG to develop a foldable iPhone.

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