Concept Imagines What The 16-Inch MacBook Pro Would Look Like With A Minimal Bezels Design

Yesterday, well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared a research report that outlines Apple's plan for 2019. In the article, Kuo mentioned that Apple will release a MacBook Pro with 16-inch to 16.5-inch display, designed for professional designers and e-sports gamers. In addition to a new display size option, Kuo says that the 13-inch MacBook Pro model may add a 32GB RAM option.

We all know that since the release of the Retina MacBook Pro, Apple no longer updates the MacBook Pro with a 17-inch display, 15 inch is the maximum physical size you can get right now. But Kuo's report certainly rise people's hope for a MacBook Pro that comes in a larger screen, and some even speculate that the upcoming MacBook Pro has the same physical size as the current 15-inch one, but with rounded-corner "Liquid Retina" LCD Display.

Apple leaker Ben Geskin has shared a concept what he thinks the 16-inch MacBook Pro would look like, introducing Minimal bezels, Face ID, and a flat design.

Aside from the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple is also expected to introduce a customizable Mac Pro with the "easy to upgrade components", and a 31.6” 6k display with a Mini LED-like backlight design that delivers "outstanding picture quality."
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