How To Quit Mac Apps Automatically With This App

It gets annoyed sometimes that when you want to make your Mac run faster but you have to close apps one by one, so If you are too troublesome to quit apps one by one, you can actually let the machine kill apps you don't need automatically, Of course, macOS itself does not have this feature, hence you have to download a software called Quitter for Mac created by developer Marco Arment.

In Quitter for Mac, you can set a number of apps that don't need to be in the background. after you haven't done any work on the app for a certain period you set, Quitter will automatically quit or hide it for you. According to Marco, it's also particularly helpful in "minimizing distraction from social apps like Twitter and Slack, news readers, or even your email app."

This handy Mac app is now available for free to download, however, you can't find the app on the Mac App Store due to the inability to be sandboxed, and other reasons.
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