In Response To The Upcoming Jailbreak, Apple Stops Signing iOS 12.1.1 And iOS 12.1.2

Last night, Apple stopped signing both iOS 12.1.1 and iOS 12.1.2, an unsurprising move in response to the upcoming iOS 12 jailbreak releases, since these versions contains a voucher_swap exploit found by Brandon Azad and a kernel exploit discovered by software tinkere.

Like always, the move is ensuring users to have the latest security experience and prevent them from jailbreaking their devices. Once you have updated your devices to the latest version, which is iOS 12.1.3 in this case, from now on you can not downgrade to iOS 12.1.2 and iOS 12.1.1, unless you have saved blobs.

Therefore, we advise you that if you want to jailbreak your devices, make sure to not to upgrade to iOS 12.1.3, as we now waiting for the final jailbreak. Hope you have saved blobs. And you can always check to get notified when Apple stops signing a certain version.

Image Via Redmond Pie
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