Mar 5, 2019

Apple Remains To Be The Leader In Global Wearables Market With 10.4 Million Watches Shipped Last Quarter

Apple wearables, which are overshadowed by Apple Watch and AirPods, are growing more prevalent, but Apple has never disclosed the specific sales of this category. However, today, IDC released the global wearables sales report for the last quarter (the fourth quarter of 2018), that includes Apple Watch.

According to the report, Apple continues to lead the wearable device market, with the company shipped 16.2 million wearable devices in the last quarter, of which 10.4 million were Apple Watch, and the remaining 5.8 million were mainly composed of AirPods and Beats. Overall, the wearables market grew by 31.4% in the previous quarter, with shipments reaching a record of 59.3 million units.
Growth in the market was driven by new wearables launching during the months leading up to the holiday season as well as new smartphone launches as many were bundled with wearables from leading brands. Shipments for the entire year of 2018 grew by 27.5% with 172.2 million wearables shipped.
IDC mentioned that AW's sales will continue to grow this quarter as they expecting that more and more healthcare organizations and individuals begin to consider Apple Watch.

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