Mar 2, 2019

Apple 2019 Shareholders Meeting: New USB-C Features Coming To iPad

In addition to several company-level voting results announcements at Apple's 2019 shareholders meeting, Tim Cook also answered some questions. Chinese media MacX attend the meeting and summarize the Q&As that everyone is interested in, read as follows:

First, when some asked about the scalability of Apple's use of the USB-C port on the iPad. Apple's Crag Federighi personally answered this question, although it is not so deep, he reveals that features such as the ability to access and read and write files are already under development.

Furthermore, some expressed their concern about Apple's lack of innovation, but Tim Cook said that much of the innovative research has not been put on the market. Apple has a large number of new product developments and innovations every year, but only one or two are actually put on the market. Apple's annual innovations are not based on the success of performance in the market.

Lastly, when it comes to Apple's investment in health, Tim Cook says there is a tremendous support in heart research. In health research, only Apple has done an independent medical level backstage. Apple Watch's new heart rate monitoring detects a heart irregularity that can save lives.

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