Mar 15, 2019

Apple Sold 35 Million AirPods In 2018, Accounted 75% Of The True Wireless Headphone Market

According to a report by Counterpoint Research, the sales of Apple's AirPods wireless headphone may surpass 35 million in 2018, accounting 75% of the entire segment last year, this further makes Apple the most popular brands in the true wireless headphone market.

Apple AirPods’ sales were estimated at around 35 million units accounting almost three-fourths of this emerging segment last year, according to our research. Samsung, Bose, Jabra, Huawei, Bragi, LG all are prevalent and will grow from a smaller base from last year.
In a survey of 200 people, 19% prefer AirPods. The wireless headphones mentioned here are not limited to listening to songs. Some products may include health tracking and AI assistant, such as Bragi Dash Pro. There were rumors suggesting that the second generation of AirPods will also support health monitoring and "Hey Siri".

In terms of most preferred hearable brand, Apple's Beats brand took the fifth spot, with 6% of users in favor of it, while Sony (17%) claimed the number 2 place, Samsung (16%) and Bose (10%), however, comes in at third and fourth place. Although Bose beats AirPods in the sound quality category, it did reveal that people choosing AirPods, not because of its sound quality, but rather the ease of use, comfort & fit, and portability, as the key reasons.

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