First Unofficial USB-C To Lightning Adapter Coming Out Soon

According to Chongdiantou, Shenzhen manufacturers are developing USB-C to Lightning adapter that has attracted great attention. At present, the product has entered the trial production stage. However, it is still a semi-finished product, consisting only of a USB-C female adapter base and the Lightning male adapter base, which is very compact.

The product is measured to be capable of charge the iPhone XS Max. The voltage is 9.11V, the current is 1.78A, and the power out is 16.28W. What's better is that it supports the USB PD fast-charging feature. Manufacturers have already filed patent applications for the adapter and is applying for Apple's MFi (Made for iPhone) program.

Basically, it functions like USB-C to Lightning cable, therefore, you will need a USB-C cable to charge or transfer files to your iPhone or iPad devices. The latest iPad Pro models include the USB-C port for the first time, however, we are unclear when will Apple implement this feature to the iPhone family, so if you want to perceive the similar experience, then wait for the adapter come out.

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