Mar 6, 2019

Haptic Touch Bar: Make MacBook Pro's Touch Bar Great Again

We know that the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pros is a touch screen, when you press a keyboard key on it, there is no feedback from the Touch Bar, it makes you feel like typing on a flat tabletop, and it's especially annoying that you need to check every once and while to ensure that there's no typo. Today, we are going to introduce an app that will fix all these issues in an instant.

It is called Haptic Touch Bar, which allows the Touch Bar to have sound and vibration feedback when clicked, what's better is that the volume and vibration intensity are adjustable. It simulates the keyboard very well, that said, you wouldn't even notice the Touch Bar is there, but rather just a normal keyboard, and it supports all Touch Bar modes, including the F1-12 keys and app controls.

Haptic Touch Bar is designed for all pro users, from app developers, text editors, to Windows virtual machine users. The app offers a free 14-day free trial, after the period, you can decide whether to keep using it or not, the software will then charge $4,99. Download the Haptic Touch Bar by click here.

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