iFixit Teardown Reveals AirPods 2 Uses Same Battery As Gen 1, While Impossible To Repair

At glance, the AirPods 2 doesn't offer too much of differences as compared to the previous one, so how about inside then? Today, iFixit shared a detailed teardown of AirPods 2 and found that there are still several improvements inside of the wireless earbuds, though the flex cable, antenna and microphone layout in AirPods 2 are the same as in the first generation.

Inside of AirPods 2 includes Apple 343S00289 (Apple H1 chip), 25SL 128A 1820, Apple 338S00420 (probably a low-power stereo audio decoder), and T 8 36 components. Each AirPod contains a 93 MWh battery that is less than half the capacity batteries in the Samsung Galaxy bud, according to iFixit.

Next, AirPods wireless charging case, which equipped with the 3.81V, 398 mAh, 1.52Wh battery. The repair site found that there is a new waterproof-repellent coating on the circuit board that may help to improve the water resistance. iFixit concludes that AirPods are still disappointingly disposable, it will be a pain for just to recycling them, it's impossible to repair such tiny earbuds.

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