Mar 28, 2019

Meet Batfree, A Strap That Provides 27 Hours Of Extra Battery Life To Your Apple Watch

To be fair, the most unpleasant thing that Apple Watch users face every day is the fact that you need to charge the device daily. Recently, a rather interesting watchband called Batfree we found on Kickstarter caught our attention, it claims to be the world's first Power Strap for Apple Watch...

Batfree supports models from Apple Watch Series 2 to Series 4. According to the manufacturer, which said that the mold opening is very accurate, will not interfere with the normal use of ECG, neither impact on daily use or activities. Best of all, it supports IP68 level waterproof, when you want to charge your watch, just tap the button on the side of the strap and you don't even need to pick up the watch.

It offers up to 27 hours of extra battery life for Apple Watch thanks to its two 300mAh lithium polymer rechargeable batteries embedded on both sides of the strap, which is equivalent to a 600mAh battery in your watch. If the Batfree strap is dead, it can be charged through the charging port on the left side.

Although it is called a strap, Batfree is actually more like a "case" with wireless charging, it provides protection from drops and bumps to take care of your valuable watch. Batfree retails for $79, with the early bird price of $45. Learn more the Batfree by clicking here.

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