Mar 12, 2019

(Opinion) Can AirPods Cause Brain Cancer From Excessive Radiation Exposure?

According to UK news firm DailyMail, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations conducted a petition over radiation exposure on AirPods. Over 250 scientists signed the petition back when the AirPods released in 2016. The people involved in the study informed that AirPods can emit radio frequency radiation.

In the article from DailyMail, it states that,
AirPods in particular are concerning because they sit deeply enough within the ear canal to emit expose these fragile parts of the ear to dangerous among of radiation, some experts warn.

The scientific jury is still out on the whether or not the particular devices an cause cancer, but animal studies on the kind of radiofrequency radiation that they emit has suggested a link to cancer.
For this, I can infer that AirPods may be possible to cause brain cancer due to strong radio waves emitting from the AirPod in the ear.  The W1 chip and antenna are in the top area of the AirPod so this may be the huge concern on why the AirPod emits these strong radio frequency waves. Apple’s innovative earbuds are great to wear, but there may be something harmful that’s going with the music in your ears.

Usual radio frequency levels are lower than set by the federal guidelines, but the 250 folks in the study believes it is over that range. The chips are the factors that cause these harmful radio waves to emit, and we have to do something to prevent this. I believe Apple needs to update its Bluetooth antennas and improve the W chip on the next AirPods this March 25th. They should not let the AirPods emit too much radiation.

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