Mar 6, 2019

Touch Disease on the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6s Plus

Back in late 2015 to 2016, countless iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus users experienced the worst nightmares ever that inhibit the functionality of the iPhone. This issue involves the logic board and the Multi-Touch display. Its name is “Touch Disease”, which affected many iPhone users. This is a sophistically complicated iPhone problem to solve.

Touch Disease causes the iPhone to become partially or fully unresponsive on its screen, and/or present a flickering white bar on the top of the screen. This is caused by the severity of the impact affecting the iPhone’s internals. When the impact induces to the iPhone, the 2 Touch IC chips incur loads of stress into themselves, letting these signs to happen.

The only repair for this complicated iPhone issue is the replacement of these Touch IC chips. This requires loads of special, expensive equipment for replacing the chips on the logic board. They consist of the 2 tiny chips, a large microscope, heat guns, and the soldering paste. Another thing is that the technician has to go through lots of rigorous steps from opening up the iPhone to examining the logic board for the faulty chips. That’s why the cost of this repair is a bit overpriced for repairing 2 small chips like this.

Apple has their own program regarding about this iPhone issue since 2016, but this major iPhone issue costs $149 to get serviced at Apple. This is true because Apple Stores don’t have adequate equipment to service iPhones affected by Touch Disease. Instead, the Genius will mail your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center for further evaluation and service.

In conclusion, Touch Disease is one of the major disorders of the iPhone 6/6s Plus screen and the logic board. It’s caused by intense stress to the Touch IC chips and a hard impact on the iPhone. If your iPhone is plagued by Touch Disease, go to Apple’s repair program for more information regarding this issue.

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