Apple Developing Unified Find My iPhone & Friends App And Tile-Like Item Tracker

Apple is developing a brand new app that will succeed "Find My iPhone" and "Find My Friends." The app, codenamed GreenTorch, is currently in beta. A source familiar with Apple's development talked to 9to5Mac that the new app will be functioned the same as "Find iPhone" and "Find My Friend", but combines two apps into one and supports both iOS and macOS platforms.

The unified app includes a feature called "Find Network" that regardless the device is connected to a WIFI or not, you can still track it. In addition to sharing location with families, the app can also send your location to friends, and it will even inform you when friends arrive or leave a specific location. 

With the app, Apple also wants users to track other items, not just Apple devices. The company is in the process of designing a new hardware product, code-named B389, a tag that can be attached to any items, similar to Tile. If you get too far away from the tag, users will then receive notifications. Apple is said to create a crowdsourced network that assists users to find any lost items that are synchronized with the product.

As for release date, we believe that the unified app will be debuted in iOS 13, and to be previewed at WWDC in June, no specific launch date was provided to the new Tile-like product, however.

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