Apr 9, 2019

Apple Outpaces Microsoft In Stock Valuations, Now Heading To $1 Trillion Mark

Apple has just recently overtaken Microsoft in terms of Market Capitalization, with the company now has $949.55 billion valuations, and the latter has $920.13 of value. However, sadly, Apple missed a ten-day continuous growth and fell to $199.50 at the end of trading today, ending the consecutive gains.

Apple seeing impressive growth from January to October of 2018, where it hit the $1 trillion target, become the first public trading company to score this milestone. Nevertheless, following reports of falling iPhone sales, the stock fell 33% in the next two months, entered a 52-week low of $149. But now, it seems like the Cupertino based tech-giant would hit that goal again within a few months.

CNBC reported that Wedbush's Daniel Ives believes that Apple's price cut in China has encouraged stock growths. “After a turbulent few months, calm is being restored, with some recent price cuts, demand trends are slowly turning around in this all-important region [China] for Cupertino.”

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