Apr 9, 2019

Apple publishes new ‘More Powerful, More Colorful’ Watch ad highlighting new band colors

Apple has published a new ‘More Powerful, More Colorful’ ad highlighting different Apple Watch band options. The ad is part of a slew of new ads that highlight how you can customize your new Apple Watch.

The new advertisement has a runtime of fifteen-seconds and shows off the new spring collection of Apple Watch band colors. The ad goes through each band and the different case combinations.

Apple says, “Apple Watch Series 4 is completely redesigned. And now you can give it a fresh look with new bands in a variety of styles and colors.”

Last month, Apple released its spring collection and added: Delft Blue, Papaya, and Spearmint as color options for the Sport Band. Apple also added new Black/Hyper Grape, Fog, and Tint/Tropical, for their Nike Sport Bands. You can also get Papaya and Spearmint as a Sport Loop along with Cerulean. You can find these, and a few others, here.

You can watch the fifteen-second ‘More Powerful, More Colorful’ ad here.

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